Preserving a family legacy : The Dennis Farm Charitable Land Trust


 Preserving a family legacy : The Dennis farm (Swarthmore College)



Remarks presented at University of Scranton, February 2006.

Remarks for Presentation to Brooklyn (PA) Historical Society Denise Dennis July 29, 2006

"Black Patriots of the 18th Century"



The following History books contain information about The Dennis Farm and the Perkins/Dennis Family:


Waiting for the Lord: Nineteenth Century Black Communities in Susquehanna County by Debra Adelman, Picton Press, Rockford, ME, 1997


History of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania by Emily C. Blackman, Claxton, Remsen, Haffelfinger, Philadelphia, PA, 1873


African Americans in Pennsylvania: A History and Guide by Charles Blockson, Black Classic Press, Baltimore, MD, 1994


The Underground Railroad in Pennsylvania by Charles Blockson, Flame International, Jacksonville, NC, 1981


A History of Brooklyn, Pennsylvania 1787-2005 by Curtis and Margaret Stone, Brooklyn Historical Society, 2005


A History of Brooklyn Township, Susquehanna Co., Penn’a: Its Homes and People by E.A. Weston, Brooklyn Historical Society, 1889 (reprinted 1987)