Historic Structures Report

The Dennis farmhouse is significant to the history of the site and has the potential to provide information that will add to our understanding of the historical development and use of the property.The existing building should be stabilized, preserved and studied in detail.Based on the Historic Structures Report, alternatives for both the treatment of the house and the ruins of outbuildings should be considered.


Cultural Landscape Report

This report will identify the significant landscape elements of the Dennis Farm and the Martinís Creek valley.It will be used to assist in developing paths, view sheds, way finding markers, vegetation patterns and other land-related site development.


National Register of Historic Places Nomination

It has been recommended that a National Register (NRHP) Nomination form be completed.The NR nomination will build upon the HSR, CLR, archeological survey, and Underground Railroad research.The nomination should describe the history of the property and identify the period of significance of the Dennis Farm property.The Farm is likely eligible under Criteria A and B.The historical period of the Farm would span the period from earliest settlement (circa 1793) to the end of the use of the property for active farming (circa 1918).


Development of Education Programs

We are in the process of preparing a proposal for a grant to develop education-related tours on-site and off-site education packages for primary and secondary schools in Pennsylvania in compliance with Pennsylvania State Department of Education Academic Standards.Those standards identify several themes that the Dennis Farm education programs should address: History, Environment, Geography and Science.Funding sources for this task are available with one potential funding source already identified.


The Dennis Farm Charitable Land Trust Capital Campaign

The DFCLT has launched a Capital Campaign to raise ten million dollars in the next five years for the following:


Security and Rehabilitation of the Farmhouse for re-use as the Dennis Farm Education and Research Center


Construction of a conference center, on the site of the old barn, with library, lecture hall, gallery space and bookstore

Landscaping of the grounds

Monument for Perkins-Dennis Cemetery

View sheds and way-finding markers